Monday, June 21, 2010

Do it now...

Over the last several day on three different occasions a person or couple has came to mind that I had not seen or thought about for some time. My initial thought was maybe I should stop and contact them now. But I was so focused on my agenda that I just keep plowing ahead. I told myself that I would do it later....

The first time that it happened, I did nothing and forgot about it. But, later, I found out that this person was going through a very difficult time and was feeling very alone. I believe that God was trying to get my attention and wanted me to reach out.

The second time it happened, I told myself that I would deal with it later-but forgot it again.. But this time, my wife brought up the person and so we made contact. I was so glad that we did. This person was a dear friend that we had not talked to for several weeks. We were able to go see her and her husband. She had been battling a long term health issue and it was much worse. Turns out that this was the last time we would get to see her. She has since passed. I was so grateful that my wife was more sensitive than me.

Today, I had the same impression and stopped everything to contact the person. I was able to do so and had a chance to encourage someone who is going through a tough time. I was encouraged by our time together.

Is there someone on your mind right now? Someone you have been thinking about? Maybe you need to stop what you are doing and contact them. My advice is to DO IT NOW-don't wait.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking Charge of Me...

I have been doing some reading today and came across a great line from author/speaker Jim Collins that has given me much to think about. He said,

"Whether you prevail or fail, endure or die, depends more on what you do to your self than on what the world does to you."

This reminds me of the fact that I must take care of myself. I am responsible for what I do with my life. I can't blame others or the circumstances that I face or the world that I'm in if I don't move forward in my walk with Christ and keep growing in my relationship with Him and in my role as a leader. I must take charge of me-no one else can. You must take charge of you-no one else can.

So, these are questions I must ask myself every day, several times a day is this:

What am I doing to take care of myself and keep moving forward? How am i changing both personally and professionally to make a difference? What am I doing to change the world instead of allowing the world to change me?

So, today, I take charge of my time. I take charge of my walk with Christ. I will take charge of my health and exercise. I take charge of my responsibility to keep growing in my life.

What will you do to take charge of You???