Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Messy Spirituality

We are doing this series called Messy Spirituality and are challenging the way that we think about Spirituality. We seem to think that the truly spiritual people are those who have it all together. They always read their Bible, they always pray and always do the the right thing. So, most of think that we can't be very spiritual because our lives aren't like that.... Can you relate?

The reality is that the Bible is filled with men and women whose lives were messy and filled with all kinds of mistakes and sin. They did not have it all together-they were human like the rest of us. But, God moved into their lives and ised their brokenness and mess to do great things and to change their lives.

He still does that for us today. He takes our mess and works in it and through it to change us. Watch this real life story-maybe it will encourage and inspire you... Let me know what you think.