Thursday, June 14, 2012

Celebrate Dads!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about Fathers this week.  My Dad passed away over 5 years ago but I've done some reflecting on my relationship to him this week.  As I grew up, there were a lot of things that seemed to push us apart-but it was mainly his anger that I remembered the most as a child and then a teen-ager.  There were a lot of times that this became the focus of my relationship with him and I could not, or did not, see the good things that he did.

Reflecting back, I can remember the times that people in the neighborhood came to him for help and he helped.  I remember that he worked hard to provide the things that we needed and I remember that he always did his best to be honest and trustworthy.  I remember that he made certain I was able to go to the college that I wanted to attend and he paid for it.  I still have no idea how he did it.  I did make certain the he knew how much I loved him and appreciated all that he did for me before he passed away.

As I reflect about my Dad, I wish that I had focused more on the positive things that he did and less on the shortcomings that he had.  This Father's Day I want to encourage you to celebrate the good and positive things about your Dad and maybe think a little less about how he could be better.

Every Dad I know realizes that he falls short, even this one, and every Dad I know wants to be better.  Take some time to celebrate Dad and let him know about the good and positive things that he does for you.  Who knows?  Maybe that's what he needs to get even better.